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Getting Started

Keeping your pool water in balance all year round is the best way to save you time and money, especially leading up to summer. It also helps prolong the life of your pool finish and equipment, and keeps it all running efficiently so all you need to worry about is enjoying it. Come and check out our wide selection of pool and spa chemicals and accessories and ask our friendly staff what the best option is for you.

Winter Program

To ensure a happy pool opening in the summer, be sure to look after your pool during the winter months. Improper winter pool care can translate into damaged equipment, unsightly stains and serious algae growth that can be expensive and costly to clean up.

Pool Cleaning - Maintaining Your Pool & Spa

Our staff at Advanced Pools are professionally trained to handle all of your swimming pool and spa problems, including algae, phosphates, cloudy water and general pool maintenance. We also offer free in-store water testing. Simply bring in a sample of your pool or spa water in a clean water bottle and our friendly staff will provide you with an easy to follow print out of your test results. They will even run through the results with you to make sure understanding them is as easy as possible.

BioGuard 3-Step Program

The BioGuard 3-Step Program is designed to ensure that no matter what challenges are placed on the pool throughout the year, be it environmental (leaves, dust, foreign debris), weather (rain, storms) or bather load, the water will remain sparkling clear and inviting. Following the steps below will ensure less work, less cost and more time to enjoy your pool.

Healthy Water

Sanitising is the first step of the BioGuard 3-Step Program. Chlorine is introduced into the pool to kill harmful bacteria, however it doesn’t always work at 100%. If you only use chlorine to treat your pool…
  • Only 20% of the chlorine is actually killing bacteria.
  • 40% is used up clearing cloudy water.
  • 40% is used up killing algae.

Sparkling Clear Water

Oxidising the pool removes undesirable impurities from the water and keeps it sparkling clean. It also enhances the chlorine’s killing power and makes it more effective, so now…
  • 60% of your chlorine is actually killing bacteria.
  • 40% of your chlorine is used up killing algae.

No Green Pool

Using an algaecide to kill and prevent algae will ensure the pool never goes green and allows the chlorine to do its proper job – kill bacteria. Following all three steps now means…
  • 100% of your chlorine is killing bacteria!

Mineral Pool Systems

Mineral pool systems combine the health benefits of natural minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, sodium chloride and borates, with the sanitising and oxidising benefits of chlorine naturally produced from the mineral salts in the water. This special blend is designed to soften your pool water and provide health benefits to your skin, hair, eyes and nervous system. Not only can they provide health benefits, but they can also help prevent staining and assist in preventing calcium and scale build up throughout the equipment. Come in and ask our friendly staff to discuss the best system for you.

Free In-store Water Testing Service

Check with our friendly staff to find out what treatment option is right for your pool to achieve safe, sparkling clear water.

Pool & Spa Professionals

Protect your pool from contaminants by giving our friendly staff a call today.